Customer Support

NewCrop’s fully in-house customer support team is always available to ensure that use of our services exceeds customer expectations.

Change Management

Our experienced customer support network is ready to help any organization plan, prepare, and coordinate the change management process from a paper-oriented prescribing practice to a fully electronic one in order to achieve lasting and effective results. We employ a plethora of training methodologies and tools, tailored to suite your unique organizational needs. In addition to providing each partner with personal online training webinars and guidance for establishing a solid training program for e-Prescribing, end users have constant access to training content throughout our application in the form of training videos, audio help, and orientation pages. Direct users are provided the ability to quickly make proficient and effective use of our e-Prescribing application and services, so they can focus on what they do best – patient care. If desired, our customer support team can provide live on-site training to ensure your users experience the smoothest possible transition to NewCrop electronic prescribing. Need help switching providers over to NewCrop? Our team will assist with transitioning providers to receive their electronic renewal requests via the NewCrop system.


Our partners enjoy the convenience of setup and guidance for demonstrations to Surescripts for achieving their Prescription Routing, and Prescription Benefit & Drug History certifications. Our team is also available to help your organization obtain Meaningful Use certification.

Supplemental Support Services

NewCrop’s customer support team ensures that your providers are properly registered within the Surescripts network for e-Prescribing, as well as for receiving renewal requests electronically. Should a provider registration issue arise, or a pharmacy report not receiving a prescription, rest assured our customer support team will research and resolve it in a timely manner. Our team is also capable of adding new pharmacies, and applying other updates to ensure direct users always have access to the latest information.