Business Approach

NewCrop has been providing electronic prescribing services since 2003. Our comprehensive package has been installed by 150+ EMRs and integrated networks nationwide.

NewCrop provides a versatile software tool kit that greatly decreases the effort needed to incorporate the many drug/prescribing elements needed for Meaningful Use, Medicare, and EPCS: a simple Build versus Buy choice. Furthermore, pricing is structured to support the Buy decision: scaled to decrease with volume.

We recognize that the doctors are your customers: you become a reseller of NewCrop. Thus, NewCrop is designed to simply become part of your offering, using your logo and color scheme. Our screens tightly integrate and blend into the background. We invoice you, not the doctors. (If desired, we can provide PayPal for direct payments.)

Of currently installed EMRs, 90% have chosen to utilize integrated NewCrop prescribing workflow. Our expertise allows integration to be accomplished in a matter of weeks, assuming familiarity with XML posting and ASP.Net web services. Ongoing use is maintenance free. The NewCrop interface automatically creates new accounts and users upon first entry to the system. Once the XML interface is built and populated, no further steps are required: new accounts, users, and patients are added automatically without any preregistration processes.

The integrated user screens are pre-certified by Surescripts and for EPCS. Thus, Surescripts certification and EPCS audit are greatly expedited. (Use of data services will require a more extensive process.)

Our customers continue to teach us how to improve our usability, technology, and business processes.

If you would like to participate, please Contact Us.