E-Prescriptions flow from NewCrop prescribers to previously unconnected pharmacies via the Weno Exchange new e-Prescribing switch

weno_logoAUSTIN, TEXAS May 21,2013 Weno Exchange LLC (“WEX”), a new e-Prescribing switch, announced today the company is routing e-Prescriptions from NewCrop’s large US prescriber base to pharmacies who have never before participated in e-Prescribing. Weno Exchange enters a heavily dominated e-Prescribing switch market with patent pending methods to deliver e-Prescriptions to virtually any US pharmacy, including those desiring to accept e-Prescriptions from prescribers but formerly frustrated by high costs or cumbersome connectivity methods. The new switch has proven to be a game changer in the market by dissolving previous prescriber and pharmacy dependencies on the other dominant e-Prescribing network. More specifically the new switch uniquely offers pharmacies the option to simply sign up for their stand-alone connection to begin receiving e-Prescriptions for only 12 cents per transaction. Pharmacies can also use a software system which has been certified on the new switch.

NewCrop, recognized as an industry leader in e-Prescribing services, has been deployed in a wide range of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and medical networks since 2003. Weno Exchange, established in 2011, boldly entered the e-Prescribing network market and quickly went to work wooing trading partners with first-to-market strategies that offered both cost savings and easy connectivity methods. The strategy is evidently working well, judging by the company’s success in attracting large prescriber services like NewCrop, as well as new pharmacy partners, to their new network service The role of e-Prescribing switches like Weno Exchange is to provide connectivity so each party’s system does not have to individually contract with a multitude of other individual systems in order to e-Prescribe, which would be highly unmanageable, costly, and ineffective.

“It’s thrilling to have such an established organization such as NewCrop as trading partners, and it’s exciting when pharmacies get that aha moment when they realize they can drop their transaction fees without changing workflows. ” states Tina Goodman, CEO of Weno Exchange.

“NewCrop is pleased to be working with Weno Exchange. We look forward to expanding the benefits of true electronic prescribing, connecting doctors to pharmacies we previously could only reach by fax,” said Lawrence Susnow, M.D., Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at NewCrop.

About NewCrop

NewCrop is an industry leading electronic prescribing service that has been deployed in a wide range of EHRs and medical networks since 2003. The company’s user interface allows for rapid installation, fully expedited e-Prescription network and Meaningful Use certifications, and EPCS DEA audit. Data services are available for all individual features, facilitating easy and flexible installations to fast track network and Meaningful Use certifications. NewCrop supported 100+ EHR’s for 2011 Meaningful Use certification with comprehensive electronic prescribing services. To meet the needs of MU2014, NewCrop is adding a wide range of connectivity and communication modules.

About Weno Exchange LLC (WEX)

Weno Exchange LLC (WEX) is an e-Prescribing network based in Austin, Texas that specializes in routing electronic prescription (eRx) between trading partners. When established in 2011, WEX was hailed as an innovative competitor in an otherwise dominated e-prescribing network market. WEX utilizes its new patent-pending method, which provides the first and only service enabling electronic prescriptions to be sent to any pharmacy nationwide, regardless of participation in an e-prescribing network. In addition, WEX offers health IT trading partners a simplified process toward eRx connectivity. WEX also boasts the industry’s highest EHR incentive revenues and pharmacy’s lowest transaction fees. WEX’s Screen Assurance program provides data sharing assurance and reporting never before available to health plans and drug manufacturers. For more information, go to www.wenoexchange.com

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