Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS)

NewCrop, the leading supplier of electronic prescribing services, is pleased to announce NewCrop-EPCS, a comprehensive integrated software solution, designed for straightforward installation within a wide variety of electronic medical systems.

Verizon Universal Identity Solutions provides our identity infrastructure. Thus, we have addressed the complexities of EPCS by combining Verizon’s business process expertise with NewCrop’s skills and experience, gained over 10 years of integrating prescribing systems with a wide range of electronic medical records and integrated health care delivery systems (EMR-ISs).

NewCrop-EPCS can be utilized via an integrated suite of data services or by the use of dedicated and optimized user screens.

NewCrop-EPCS is an ideal solution for EMR-ISs wishing to quickly, and at low cost, provide EPCS to their prescribers.

We invite your inquiries.

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